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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paint splotches

While on a break from an interview, I came across this wonderful breezy top from Bayo. It was in a cheery shade of yellow and had primary-colored splotches all over it. It was love at first sight. The fact that the hem was short in front and long at the back reminded me of my current obsession: mullet-hemmed gowns.

I wore it on a date with Gijo for our anniversary.

Mullet top: Bayo | Cargo skirt: American Eagle (vintage) | Olsen boots: FivebyFive
Bag: Mango | Earrings: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Rolex

I just have to share that after a year of so of dealing with a neanderthal phone, I'm ecstatic to have a phone like this. Thanks Gij!:) And thank gods it was on sale!

It's the GT540. And I'm super loving it! 


  1. This is a nice look on you! Goodjob Liane!

  2. Thanks Judd! Btw, I have your check with me. But I won't be here next week sooo can I give it to you the week after? Thursday-ish! Haha.:))

  3. Love the look lianne! I love :)

    Melai of Style and Soul