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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blast from my promenade past

Prom seems like a distant memory when I think about it. Mostly, I cringe when I remember my fashion choices on my junior prom. I was young and excited, so you would guess I totally went overboard. My gown was a bonanza of sequins and satin, and totally not me. My senior prom dress was better as I took the minimalist route. And yes, I still proudly wear that wonderful column of red and black to formal occasions. Timeless, indeed.

So, for the prom season, I was asked to write about how one can get more mileage out of that lovely (and often expensive) dress. Times are hard my friends so it's time to get thrifty. Read about it here.

Hack it.
Mari Mantaring

 Layer it.
Shey Collado

 Rework it.
Niki Francisco

Design it.
Leah Cruz

 Rock it.
Leesee Bayaborda

Transform it.
Zian Ceranilla

Some photos from the shoot:

My "older" girls: Niki, Shey and Mari in eye-popping lipstick shades

Looking haggard (yes, no makeup) with photographer Lally Eleazar

Mari and her true blue lips (She's Gijo's cousin!)

Leah working it for the camera with supportive Ate Jana as her "coach"

My talent manager, Janabeybz

Zian being coached by Ms. Lally

My "younger" girls (Leah, Leesee and Zian) with makeup artist Jinky Ureta and hair stylist Pilita Guadines

Still on the subject of prom, my friend invited me a few weeks back to the preview of Vania Romoff's prom collection for The Ramp.

The window cover was removed to showcase the "mannequins" - top ramp models including Jasmine Maierhoffer and Ria Bolivar

Lanie, Raquel, Vania, me and Royce before the show

The dresses are all tres chic but still perfect for formal occasions other than prom. The collection is fairly new as it just debuted last Feb. 12. So if your prom's already over and done with, shop for your graduation dress instead!

Obligatory outfit report:

Sheer polo: Poisonberry | Leopard print dress: H&M | Harness boots: Five by Five

Yes, it's nice to be back with a marathon post to boot!:))

For my prom shoot:

Photos by LALLY ELEAZAR of Lightshapers
Styling by LIANE REYES (yes, me!)
Makeup by JINKY URETA of Make Up For Ever Pro Team

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hype for HYPER

It's time to get HYPER!

The S/S 2011 trend reports have inspired F-STOP to scour thrift shops for clothes in full colors and vibrant prints. If one of your fashion resolutions is injecting color to your wardrobe, then this collection might have something for you. Expect the usual client favorites like blazers, tunics, dresses. You're guaranteed this season's hottest: floral prints, laces and sheer! This love month, F-STOP hopes to play cupid and make you guys fall in love with its latest offer.

Showing some blogger (and schoolmate) love for Melai of Style and Soul as she starts the year right with a collection that's set to make your vintage-loving heart all a-flutter. So, remember to save the date: February 7, Monday, 8PM

Shop F-STOP. Like F-STOP on FACEBOOK too.:)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paint splotches

While on a break from an interview, I came across this wonderful breezy top from Bayo. It was in a cheery shade of yellow and had primary-colored splotches all over it. It was love at first sight. The fact that the hem was short in front and long at the back reminded me of my current obsession: mullet-hemmed gowns.

I wore it on a date with Gijo for our anniversary.

Mullet top: Bayo | Cargo skirt: American Eagle (vintage) | Olsen boots: FivebyFive
Bag: Mango | Earrings: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Rolex

I just have to share that after a year of so of dealing with a neanderthal phone, I'm ecstatic to have a phone like this. Thanks Gij!:) And thank gods it was on sale!

It's the GT540. And I'm super loving it! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neck tales

I have always been a fan of brilliantly made statement jewelry. One of my favorite local designers is Nicole Wisenhunt. Her gorgeous creations ignited my love affair with opulent neckpieces. I swore to myself that when I get married I would wear a bespoke Wisenhunt piece. And I definitely will. But hopefully, I can get my hands on some of her creations before that far-off date arrives.

But in the meantime, I have to give her props for her latest collection Points of View. According to Stylebible.ph:

Photo via Stylebible.ph

"Nicole Whisenhunt was inspired by the 1920s and Art Deco for her latest collection, Points of View. Shown here are her architectural influences. The cubist painting on the top left,The Sleeping Girl by Tamara de Lempicka, captures the hedonist sensuality of the Jazz Age. "

Not the entire collection, but these ones caught my eye. And in the words of the great Rachel Zoe, I die. Hey, I rhymed!

Lourdes neckpiece

Belle vest (front and back)

Cosette neckpiece

Vionna neckpiece

Massimo pendant

Maxine pendant

Stass earrings

Gabrielle earrings

Friday, January 28, 2011

One, two, three, FOUR pavor

I'm not the type who gets all mushy but let me just have my turn to gush then it's back to regular programming.

It's been four years!!!

Felix, Greenbelt 5
January 27, 2011

Janabeybz's birthday celebration 
October 2010

Shey's Danz Dish 5
February 2010

Some UP IE Club event
September 2009

Gianna's despedida
June 2009

April 2009

Of course, since it was a weekday, we only had time for dinner and a quick date. So we celebrated our fourth year with a cozy dinner at Felix, Greenbelt 5. It's Asian fusion so it was loooove. 

Our appetizer, their version of spring rolls. Gijo's favorite!

Gijo's order: Chicken and bacon something.

My order: Bangus belly with laing on the side. Yes, I went to a restaurant to order bangus, lol!

We had a chocnut flavored cake for dessert but it was gone before I could even think of taking a picture. It was soooo yummy! We're going on a better date tomorrow seeing as we have more time. Can't wait!

And yes, here was what I wore:

Graphic print top: Celine (vintage) | Tapered slacks: Bangkok | 
Snakeskin and gold heels: Charles and Keith (gifted) | Messenger bag: Vintage | 
Woven belt: Bangkok | Capiz bracelet: gifted

Yey to the most awesome four years! 
Cheers to many many more!

P.S. Before our little date, I went to this awesome private event which I will blog about once the article's published. Clue? It's for trendy fashion-philes and involves a well-known fashionable monkey!

P.P.S I am in love with these pair of heels! Super comfy to the nth level. Thanks to my awesome friend Lester for gifting me with these. Love love love them!

Friday, January 21, 2011

There's something about Portia

And by that I mean, Portia De Rossi in the series Better Off Ted - a satirical series that revolves around Ted's life in the R&D department of the soulless invention conglomerate that is Veridian Dynamics. While the show garnered positive feedback from critics, it had a low viewership and was later cancelled some time in its second season. Its humor reminds me of Modern Family, I guess that's the reason I liked it in the first place (yes, I'm such a Modern Family fan!).

This got me thinking: Portia is really gorgeous! With that in mind, I trolled the net for her best shots and these are the ones I loved:

I'm thinking she's a Zac Posen muse because all her gowns were made by him, even her beautiful wedding gown. It really is my favorite!

2007 Academy Awards
Love the back of this gown. Usually braids don't do it for me, but this made me reconsider.

2006 Emmy Primetime Awards
Her bone structure and complexion: just flawless.

And the characters she played in her past TV stints were pretty much the same: haughty and kinda rotten in a lovable caustic shell:

In Better Off Ted, she plays Veronica Palmer - Ted's immediate supervisor at Veridian Dynamics. She's cool, calm, collected and often lacks a conscience. She's funny in her arrogant ways and she always gets what she wants.

In Arrested Development, she plays Lindsay Funke. She's materialistic, flamboyant, and likes to be the center of attention as she adopts a cause for a week or two. She's just a complicated character that way, I suppose.

So that's it. Basically, I just wanted to say: Portia De Rossi is gorgeous. With all that pulled-back hair in Better Off Ted, it's impossible not notice how her bone structure is just beautiful. And this post is an ode to her.:)