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Friday, January 21, 2011

There's something about Portia

And by that I mean, Portia De Rossi in the series Better Off Ted - a satirical series that revolves around Ted's life in the R&D department of the soulless invention conglomerate that is Veridian Dynamics. While the show garnered positive feedback from critics, it had a low viewership and was later cancelled some time in its second season. Its humor reminds me of Modern Family, I guess that's the reason I liked it in the first place (yes, I'm such a Modern Family fan!).

This got me thinking: Portia is really gorgeous! With that in mind, I trolled the net for her best shots and these are the ones I loved:

I'm thinking she's a Zac Posen muse because all her gowns were made by him, even her beautiful wedding gown. It really is my favorite!

2007 Academy Awards
Love the back of this gown. Usually braids don't do it for me, but this made me reconsider.

2006 Emmy Primetime Awards
Her bone structure and complexion: just flawless.

And the characters she played in her past TV stints were pretty much the same: haughty and kinda rotten in a lovable caustic shell:

In Better Off Ted, she plays Veronica Palmer - Ted's immediate supervisor at Veridian Dynamics. She's cool, calm, collected and often lacks a conscience. She's funny in her arrogant ways and she always gets what she wants.

In Arrested Development, she plays Lindsay Funke. She's materialistic, flamboyant, and likes to be the center of attention as she adopts a cause for a week or two. She's just a complicated character that way, I suppose.

So that's it. Basically, I just wanted to say: Portia De Rossi is gorgeous. With all that pulled-back hair in Better Off Ted, it's impossible not notice how her bone structure is just beautiful. And this post is an ode to her.:)

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