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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out and about

...with my best friend, Maddie. She lives in the States now, so we all jump at the chance to hang out with her whenever she comes over to visit. With my flexible (read: horridly vacant) schedule, I'm the person with the most chance to go with her whenever. Well, actually even at the height of my busy school days I always made myself available. But hey, that's what you do for best friends, right?

On today's agenda:

Greenhills Shopping Center. Yes I gave in, I shopped. Blame it on Maddie!

I want chiffon-esque loose blouses! Current obsession.

No, they won't fit you Madz.

Tory Burch knock offs, eh?

Glitter shoes for the small ones! Cutsie patootsie!

Happy with her purchases

Mango-esque tops

Quick stop at  NAIA Terminal 3 to claim Maddie's Aunt and Uncle's bags that were 'misplaced' by Cebu Pacific. Boo.

We don't know what those sweets are, but they're seriously addictive. Love!

Great Thai massage at Nuat Thai to end the day.

Of course, here's what I wore:

But I really wanted to bust out some stockings. I balked at the last minute seeing as we were only heading to Greenhills and they would have seriously dampened my haggling prowess (not that I have much of it to begin with).

Cropped jacket: Old Navy | Tribal print top: Cotton On | Shorts: gifted |
Woven belt: Random Bangkok bazaar | T-strap wedge: Nine West |
Stockings: SM Department Store | Capiz bracelet: gifted | Ring: St. James bazaar



    Sometimes I prefer going to Divisoria, but the trouble of going there is just not worth it!

    By the way, I am a Lianne, too! Double n nga lang. I am a friend of Kring :)

    Following you now! :)

  2. Hey Lianne! Haha..thanks! And yes, sometimes Greenhills is the best bet for quick shopping. Although the items there are not so cheap anymore.:(