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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Of gatherings and more gatherings

Yes, I'm back from my extended hiatus! I'm starting the year right with a marathon post of my barkada parties, both high school and college.

Every year (actually, we're just on year two), my college barkada  would get together to celebrate the holidays on the 26th. And yes, it's themed dinner. Last year's theme was red, black and gold. This year, we decided to spice it up a bit with color! Yes, everybody picked a color they would be in from head-to-toe. We had Asian to go with it. And here are the results:

Very colorful no?
Mark (red), Jordan (white), Daven (orange), Angela (gray), Barbie (yellow), Frau (beige), Gijo (brown), Jana (green), Gianna and Emman (black), Presh (pink), Mae and J3 (blue), Sarah (violet), and me (neon)

The boys! To be fair, they followed the theme! And yes, our night's winners are in this photo!

The girls!

Our winners! Mr. Orange and Mr. Red. They were in their colors down to their accessories (yes, orange and red watches!)

Mark even had red socks! Beat that!

And here I am in my what-was-I-thinking neon outfit! Haha..yes, I kinda failed!

Bomber vest: Espirit | Striped dress: Pink Manila | Pumps: shoecrazeee.multiply.com |

And because my best friend wasn't able to make it back home for the holidays, we decided to have dinner with her mom to cheer her up! We had the yummiest and most affordable thai food over at Songkran in BF Homes. We were almost complete! Boo to Cherry who was in Bangkok and Olive who had work. Oh well, good news though, our group's going to be complete some time this year. Our stateside friends are coming over for a visit! Yeah! Soooo happy! Yey to an epic 2011!

Denim button-down: Cotton On | Ruffled floral skirt: Forever 21 | Suede flats: Lowe East Side at Payless |
Accessories: Aldo

KP, Shey, Pau, me, Leng and Tita Len

Happy new year one and all! I can feel that 2011's going to be a blast!:)

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