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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dreaming of Yves

Tribute platforms - the YSL shoe-tastic claim to fame. From what I've heard, the comfort these skyscrapers offer is legendary. One of my fondest dreams is to be gifted (or otherwise buy) a pair of nude YSL tributes. But since that isn't going to happen anytime soon,  I resign myself to trolling the net in search of some YSL eye candy. And ooh, look at what I found:

Jane of Sea of Shoes' most recent purchase. I am in love with the chunky-ness of this pair. It would make my year to have one. Please universe?
Photo via Sea of Shoes

Tribute platform sandal in Gold Crackle. So versatile and so utterly unattainable. Look at that height! And they retail for around $ 790, yikes!

But, if it's any consolation (or not), I'm not so shoe-deprived after all: I ordered a pair of Gareth Pugh-inspired two-toned wedges from F-Stop

Photo via F-Stop

While these aren't anywhere near my desired YSLs, I'm at least happy to add something new to my shoe collection. Shoes just make me happy like that, you know? I've lusted after these babies for so long but was reluctant to shell out cash. I think the universe finally decided to give me a break by throwing F-Stop's reasonable (read: cheaper than another online shop's rates - by half!) prices my way. Thanks Melai (she's also from UP CMC) for starting my year on a jolly note with a pair of fashion forward wedges! Visit her blog.

I'm kinda scared yet excited at the same time coz these wedges are not my usual style. Wish me luck as I'll really try my best to rock them in the future!:)

Oh and may I just say:


It's her 23rd birthday today. And as I've mentioned before, she's one of my oldest friends, almost 12 years now. Kayps, I love you super! See you on Saturday!:)

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