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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hola weekend, you sure were long!

For some people, the Thanksgiving weekend marked three whole days of rest and family time. Sadly, I had to work. Sure, it was tiring and kinda stressful but it was hella fun too! My lovely friends tagged along with me to be my trusty helpmates! For three whole days I was going to and from the Makati/Pasig area for a feature I'm doing and they came along for the ride.

Leng and Ron — they're one of my favorite couples.

Krista — she's one of my oldest kabarkadas, since grade 5!

Ooh, and I got to do my first pull out ever. Fuuuunn. It was fun pretending I was one of those girls who regularly go on a shopping spree with a couple of shopping bags to show for it at the end of the day. Sadly I had to return my lovelies in three days. Boo. But I think I might end up buying a couple. Tee hee. 

Of course, we couldn't pass up the wonderful south extravaganza that is the St. James bazaar. Was it just us or is this year's bazaar the most packed ever?! I guess that's what you get when you roll a long weekend and a payday weekend in one. Whew, by the end of the day our feet were killing us. But we came away with some great finds! So all's well.

Imma put all the outfits I wore for the three days here coz I'm too lazy to put them in different posts. Sooooo, here's what I wore:

Day 1:

Striped dress: Heritage 1981 by Forever 21 | Embellished flats: random Bangkok bazaar | 
Quilted doctor's bag: Mango | Watch: Guess | Bracelets: random bazaar finds | 
Clay flower earrings: my mom's

Day 2:

Poncho: bazaar find | denim shorts: bazaar find | 
T-strap wedges : Nine West | Quilted doctor's bag: Mango
Necklace: Valera by Freeway Art | Jeweled cuff: Forever 21 | Tiger ring: Avon

Day 3:

Black V-neck shirt: bazaar find | Harem pants: thrifted | Woven belt: gifted | Black flats: SM Dept. Store |
Tiger ring: Avon | Rice grain ring : bazaar find | Bejeweled gold cuff: bazaar find

So that's what I did on this wonderfully long and exceptionally tiring weekend. 

Side note: It's almost Christmas!

Lovely poinsettias at the Salcedo Market

Our glowing Christmas tree, officially lighted last night.

Can't wait for the parties and get-togethers to start filling my calendar.:)

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