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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A dress and a first

Today was family day, as is usually the case here in the Philippines. We all got together with my mom's siblings to celebrate their youngest brother's birthday. I was too lazy to put on anything complicated so I just pulled out a random maxidress and that was it. I'm a sucker for accessories so I just had to pile them on to jazz up my otherwise uber plain outfit. Don't you just love maxidresses? It makes me feel like I'm traipsing down the beach. And the simplicity of it, ah snaps to no-fuss dressing.

Oooh, this post marks my very first outfit endeavor (for this blog at least). Now,  I have to warn you that the photos are in no way stellar. But really I just wanted to have a go at it and share my exploits with you.

Dress: Perceptions at Target | Shoes: shoecrazeee.multiply.com | Earrings: Aldo |
Bracelet: bazaar | Bangles: H&M | Watch: dad's Rolex Submariner | Necklace: Jerusalem

Speaking of sharing, get a load of Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes)'s latest post. Love her photos. Reminds me of fashion editorials. Is it just me or is she getting better looking by the minute? I would love to raid her wardrobe. Whose wardrobe would you love to raid? Click, click and lemme know!:)

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