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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lumberjack lace

It was a lazy Saturday but I had the urge to dress up.

Plaid polo: Random Bangkok bazaar | Lace zip-up dress: H&M |
Woven belt: Random Bangkok bazaar | Quilted doctor's bag: Mango |
Bracelet: Valera by Freeway Art | Tiger ring: Avon |
Cross necklace: Jerusalem | Military-inspired buckled heels: shoecrazeee.multiply.com

Went to watch The Wedding Singer. It was okay, I guess. I wasn't a big fan of the movie anyway so I wasn't really expecting anything.

But the highlight of the day? I got to catch the Shangri-La Holiday 2010 collection over at their mall. Yeap,  I drooled over the mag-o-licious clothes.Leather, black, plum, lace and plaid made a comeback - or did they ever fall off the radar? Regardless, I will be dreaming of these babies, most especially the ones from Debenhams, Zara and Mango. Well, I'll most likely be haunted by them. Boo.

So that's a lazy Saturday for you. Say hi to my lumberjack plaid!

Outfit photos by LESTER PASCUA.

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