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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prints, please?

We went to Friday's on a Friday! My college friends and I had a get-together to hangout with our balikbayan (although she's here so often she may not qualify to be called such, but technically she is) kabarkada Gianna. Being cooped up all day in the house got me bouncing off the walls. And what do you know, my clothes reflected it!

Zebra print top: Notations | Paint splatter skirt: Random Bangkok street bazaar | 
Pony hair and leather harness boots: fivebyfiveph.multiply.com | 
Pink raindrop bear necklace: online store | White watch: Bench | 
Neon pink bracelet: Cotton On | Love connector ring: Forever 21

I love how the prints explode! Plus add the pops of color and I was all revved up for the night! I think, more than anything, what makes print mixing work are two things: (1) confidence; and (2) proportion. Coz let's face it, if you're not really confident that what you're wearing works then it really won't work regardless of brand and 'it' factor. Also, the number one rule of good dressing (well, at least for me) is good proportion. If you have that down pat, then you're good to go. But one does not work without the other, so better bring them both along for the ride. So that's my formula: confidence + GOOD proportion = smashing outfit. Well, at least that's the core of dressing for 'lil ol' me.

Anyhoo, back to our get-together. We got to talking about our yearly Christmas/New Year party. Since last year, we've been assigning a theme. Last year, it was red, black and gold. This year it's all colors. We got assigned colors. And I picked NEON. As in it has to be head-to-toe neon. Good thing though, no color restriction. I love a good challenge! Any suggestions? Lemme know!:)

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