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Friday, November 12, 2010

From the chunks of my hair to the clunk of my boots

Going to work once a week seems nice at first. Then boredom sets in. Then you do random things. So when my friend Jana asked me to go out with her to get a haircut, I agreed right away. I already had short hair to begin with (almost shoulder-length) so I decided that the only way to do it, barring hair extensions, was to get an even shorter haircut. Given that I've always wanted to try it and my boyfriend is super into short hair, I figured, "what the hell, let's go!"

So we went over to Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell over at Greenbelt 5 and there my locks (that weren't the longest to begin with) were hacked off. And may I just say, Randy, our stylist, is a genius. Jana got a Keratin Smoothing Treatment that lasted for hours! By the time we were done, I was rushing to The Fort for dinner with my friends. Being the great supporters that they are, they took a ton of pics. And now I give you my new hair:

Yes, it's short. My peg was Katie Holmes' pixie cut. What do you think?

And here's the rest of my outfit:

Top: Cotton On | Skirt: Vintage | Bag: JC Penney | Necklace: Vintage
 | Watch: Bench | Ring: Forever 21 | Shoes: fivebyfiveph.multiply.com 

Olsen boots from fivebyfiveph.multiply.com

Aren't the boots lovely? Apparently, they're rip-offs of the Balenciaga boots that Mary Kate Olsen popularized, hence its name. I swear it adds about four to five inches to my height! Being short never bothered me before (I'm 5'0 flat), but now I think I wanna wear more heels to add at least a couple of inches to my height. I actually got to look down on people! I'm so used to looking up!:)) Oh and did I mention that they're uber comfy? They really are! The inside is lined with a soft hair-like material so it's really a dream to walk with. Don't let the height intimidate you!

Seeing my lovely clunky boots made me realize that although I'm more partial to gray and taupe, I have actually started a collection of black boots.

Studded slouchy boots: Zara A/W 09 | Elfin ankle boots: Trunk Show
 | Pony hair and leather harness boots: fivebyfiveph.multiply.com

What's your fashion collection? Click click!

Btw, congratulations to Tricia Gosingtian, Domz Tiu and Lissa Kahayon for being named Forever 21 Philippines' brand ambassadors, along with Patricia Prieto. I'm so jealous!

Outfit and hair photos by LESTER PASCUA.

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