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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wishing for springtime in Manila

WARNING: LONG AND IMAGE-HEAVY POST but an enjoyable one (I hope!)

I have always been jealous of the four seasons that northern countries enjoy. Each fashion week only brings to mind my pining for fall, winter and spring. As this dream can never come true, barring a natural disaster that results in climate shift (no, I don't wish for this), I can only strive to do my best to enjoy our version of springtime and eventually our very own tropical summer through the wonderful world that is fashion. Having said that, here are my top picks from last week's Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011:

Folded and Hung
In a dizzying array of warm colors, Folded and Hung presented a summer collection that was gypsy, Native American, hippie and rock all at the same time. It channeled the laid-back feel of the annual indie fete that is the Coachella Fest.

Anne Curtis in hippie purple

Kermit Tesoro
His designs have always catered to those who are not of the faint of heart and this season is no exception. This collection calls to mind beautiful aliens that exist in the annals of science fiction.

Jeffrey Rogador
I have never been a fan of denim but this designer had me rooting for denim in no time. In his collection peppered with patterned and sometimes reversible denim jackets and pants, Jeffrey put an end to the boring image of plain old denim. Patches, blanket weaves and geometrical patterns were offered by the dozen in this show where denim was king. (Better pictures to follow, the best jackets aren't here, boo!)

Reversible jeans
Love the patchwork
Patterned jeans
Love the piping
acid-wash is here to stay

Look at the geometric patterns!

Love the pattern on these pair
Denim blazer, who would have
thought it would look  this classy?

Veejay Floresca
While the silhouettes he used were nothing new, there was something timelessly chic about Veejay's spring/summer offering. Echoing the gowns that sashayed down the Burberry runway, the designer spins this collection away from being hailed as knock offs with exquisite detailing that is all his own.

My favorite, what a pop of amazing blue!
Love the detail on the bodice!

Jerome Salaya Ang
Military meets extra-terrestrial in Jerome's austere runway show. It reminds me of Chronicles of Riddick. Not an accurate description but you get the picture. It's so futuristi-chic.

Dark queen indeed

Patterns and thigh-high slit

Soft and hard

Love the pop of purple
Frill and austere

Enrico Carado
What is up with the extra-terrestrials huh? Enrico's collection reminds me of dragon scales from far-flung regions of the universe. The vivid shades of red and blue contrast wonderfully with the simple tones of black and white.

Scales galore

Love the scales!

Tulle and hardware, what a match!

Kate Torralba for Paperdolls and Rajo Laurel for Wharton
The incredible design duo resurrects the mod '60s with pairings that make me wanna bust out a magazine and look up Twiggy. Now that old is the new new, vintage is given a new spin with color pops and metallic sheens that are so right now.

Black is eternal
Narrow red

Like an astronaut

Astronaut on a date

Mod squad

SM Kids
I generally don't like kids but this show had me squealing and itching to pinch these models' cute little cheeks! Pint-sized models strutted their stuff in the SM Kids runway show. Models aged two to 12 sashayed down the runway to showcase the fashion-forward thinking of kids today. Princess Pacquiao also makes an appearance stealing the spotlight pretty much like her father does. Like father, like daughter!

Almost a lady

Cute as a button
It's Manny's little Princess!

Almost like Thumbelina

A future heartbreaker

The littlest couple

So that wraps up my marathon post. I'll be doing a PFW outfit post as soon as I get the photos from my camera guy Lester. Stay tuned for that!

Photos by CELWYN ABASOLO, KESTER DEE and NESTOR VILLARICA for Runway Productions. Special thanks to NIKO PEDRO of Buensalido & Associates Public Relations.

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