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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For the love of frill

My lola had the best accessories. Her jewelry stash was love. I remember her ritual of choosing a matching pair every time she had to go out, no matter how small the errand was. I found it funny that she had a matching bag, fan and hanky for every occassion. I kid you not, she still kept some of them! I'm not that anal about my accessories and in a way I guess I'm more quirky than she was. But I'd love to think that this is also my link with her. And that I cherish.

Floral dress: Perceptions | Fringed sandals: Schu | Tiger ring and bracelet: Avon | 
Bead ring: bazaar find | Watch: Fossil

Yes, these were taken by my new baby, my Canon G-12. My aunt arrived early for the wake and brought it with her. Mama was keen to try it out. I love it! Btw, she's the one wearing the purple crocs. 

More snapshots:

She was sick for a while. Turns out, she had fever and a sprained leg. Nothing a little dose of antibiotics from the vet didn't cure, though. Whew, close call.

Accessories photos by ROSE REYES.

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