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Saturday, December 4, 2010

UP Aking Mahal: Team Manila x UP IE Club

Three of the N years I spent in college were in the College of Engineering. Those years were made even better by my organization UP IE Club. It was there that I got to know people who ended up being my closest college friends and more importantly, it was in this organization that I met my boyfriend. Yihee!

IE Club has always had the reputation of being the best of the best in the college. Be it in academics or extra-curriculars, the organization has always managed to churn out the best talent. Yes, shameless plugging! But seriously, IE Club extends this excellence to helping those in need. To help secure funds for the IE Club Scholarship Fund, they collaborated with Team Manila to come up with a campaign called UP Aking Mahal: a tribute to a song that must be sung. It's a creative variation of UP's anthem UP Naming Mahal. I had the chance to write about it to help promote the cause. Read it here. Check out the posters:

And of course, the merchandise:

 UP Aking Mahal shirts at P400.
 UP Aking Mahal lanyard at P150
Malayong Lupain lanyard at P150

Saw the shirts for myself and they're really nice! It's really worth your hard earned moolah.:)

For orders, visit the UP IE Club tambayan at the 3/F Melchor Hall (College of Engineering) or fill out the online order form https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform
?formkey=dHVVNGsyMWlURnQ5UFEtSFF5ckU3TkE6MQFor inquiries, email up.akingmahal@gmail.com.

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